Why You Should Opt for Fillers in Bangkok

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Fillers are a great alternative to plastic surgery. They cost a fraction of what plastic surgery would cost and can reduce the signs of aging almost immediately. You can save more by opting for fillers in Bangkok. Another factor to consider is post-procedure care. Post-procedure care with fillers is less as compared to plastic surgery. That said, you need to understand the treatment before you make a decision.


What Is Filler?

Filler is a substance injected into your skin. It fills up the space left by wrinkles and gives your skin a smooth appearance. You can use fillers to get plump cheeks or to make your jawline more prominent. The procedure only takes an hour and the results are visible almost immediately.


Getting dermal fillers in some cases is better than plastic surgery and even Botox. Botox only relaxes the muscles between the wrinkles to give a smooth appearance. But fillers actually make the winkles and gaps disappear by filling them. Here are a few issues that fillers can address:


  • Fills lines and wrinkles on your skin
  • Fills thin and wrinkled lips
  • Enhances the appearance of scars
  • Gives the appearance of plump cheeks
  • Contours the jawline


How Much Can You Save By Getting Affordable Fillers In Bangkok?

Generally, traveling to Thailand for cosmetic treatments is a great option for Aussies and Kiwis. You can have a great vacation at one of the most exotic destinations in the world while simultaneously undergoing the procedure. The amount you will have to pay for dermal fillers depends on the number of units you need. So, how much money can you save by opting for fillers in Bangkok?


Getting fillers in Australia will set you back by at least AUD $800. If you are in New Zealand, you can expect to pay at least NZD $872. If you choose an affordable fillers in Bangkok you will only have to pay around AUD $500/NZD $545. in other words, you save at least 30% on the cost of the treatment.


Bear in mind that it may not make sense to travel to Bangkok just for this procedure alone. You can either plan your trip in a way that you get multiple treatments and procedures. The best option for you is to get fillers when you are in Bangkok for business or on vacation.


Quality of Treatment

Due to the high competition amongst clinics, fillers in Bangkok are available at a low price. However, the low price does not mean there is a compromise on quality. The clinics in Thailand realize the importance of maintaining their reputation to attract more customers. This reason is why they not only offer the lowest prices, but also excellent service. Therefore, as long as you select a reputed clinic for the procedure, you can be sure you will receive the best care.


A great way to select the best clinic is to go in for a free consultation. Reputed clinics will even walk you through the entire procedure to put your mind at ease.


Selecting the Best Clinics

Do your research if you want to get the best treatment along with the best price. However, there are a few reputed clinics you can consider. Here is a look at a few clinics you can add to your shortlist:



While getting fillers in Bangkok is a great idea, you should make it a point to select the best clinic as well. Only if you select a reputed clinic will you get topnotch treatment. Get in touch with our customer support team to learn more about undergoing the treatment in Bangkok.


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